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  • Refinery29 UK

    Refinery29 UK

    The leading global media company focused on young women. We inspire, entertain, and empower our audience through optimistic and diverse storytelling.

  • not brynna

    not brynna

    poet by hobby.

  • Jacqueline Reader

    Jacqueline Reader

    I’m a writer and web developer with an enduring love for comics, speculative fiction, and deconstructed fairy tales.

  • Steph J

    Steph J

  • Emily


    I'm a museum girl, educator, qa analyst, science geek and costumer. Sometimes all at once.

  • Hannah Armstrong

    Hannah Armstrong

  • M.S.


    I'm an environmental scientist by training and employment. I’m also an artist, and practitioner of Chinese martial arts. I appear to have opinions.

  • Nathan Klatt

    Nathan Klatt

  • Deirdre


    Hi! I'm boring!

  • Sarah Southen

    Sarah Southen

    Open Your Mind

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